If you neglect your garage, it’ll start deteriorating over time.

Your garage is a sanctuary. Whether you keep your car(s) in it or, like many other Americans, you use it as a place to work on your hobbies, you need to look after it to keep it in pristine shape. In particular, a damaged garage floor can make your garage look and feel dilapidated.

In this post, we’re going to tell you five signs that you need garage floor repairs. When you’re leading a busy life, it’s common to put certain house projects on the back burner. Keep reading, however, and you’ll see how crucial garage floor maintenance and repair really are.

1. Cracks In the Concrete

You may start to notice cracks in the concrete of your garage floor. This isn’t necessarily a cause for concern, as hairline fractures in the concrete are a normal part of having a garage.

Between the weight of your car and storage, temperature fluctuations, expansion and contraction of concrete, and soil movement, your garage floor will inevitably see some cracks. It’s when the cracks become chasms that you really need to think about having your garage floor repaired and re-coated.

2. Moisture Pooling

Moisture is never a good thing for the foundation of your home. If you start to see pooling water in your garage, that means the floor is becoming uneven, and parts of it may be sinking slightly.

If the water is pushing up from below you’re going to see a more and more damaged garage floor over time. You need to have someone come in and smooth out the surface with a moisture-resistant coating.

3. Unsightly Stains

If you keep your car – or other tools and machinery-  in your garage, then you may see oil stains. These can be difficult to get out of the concrete, so if you want a pristine-looking garage, then you’ll need to look into a new coating.

All of our coating systems are resistant to the things that are most damaging to garage floors – salt, oil, gas, and grease. They’ll stay vibrant and functional for longer, unlike the epoxy finish that your garage may have come with.

4. Unevenness, Sloping, Sinking

Unevenness on your garage floor will cause pooling, as we said earlier, but it might not always be that obvious. Sloping and sinking can also be detected where the garage floor and the walls and door of your garage meet. 

If you see gaps where the door hits the floor or near the walls, it’s time to have your garage floor redone with a more durable finish.

5. You Know the Garage Floor Is Old

A good garage floor should last at least 20 and 25 years. If you’ve been in your home for a long time without repairing or replacing it – or you don’t know how old it is – then you could benefit from a new coating.

If you want a garage floor that stands the test of time, you need to contact Garage Force. Each of our polyurea coating systems is durable, chemical resistant, and UV resistant. 

Don’t Wait on Garage Floor Repairs!

If you see any of these telltale signs, don’t wait to get your garage floor repairs. At Garage Force, we can apply any of our coatings year-round, so whenever you’ve got garage floor damage, we can help to rectify it.

To learn more about our coating systems, visit our site. When you’re ready to repair your damaged garage floor, contact us for a quote ASAP!