Your garage is one part of your house where you can do whatever you want.

Over 90% of people use their garage for storage, which can help with decluttering your home. But what happens when your garage becomes cluttered?

In this post, we’re going to give you six tips to give you more room in your garage. A little bit of garage cleaning and organization goes a long way, so keep reading and get better at utilizing space in your garage.

1. Clean It Out

If you want more room in your garage, then the first thing you need to do is clean it out. Removing clutter always starts by going through and figuring out what you don’t really need any longer.

When you have an empty garage, you can take stock of what you need to change, whether it’s new drywall or a fresh floor coating. It’s much easier to make these upgrades in an empty garage instead of a full one.

2. Buy Storage Supplies

After you’re happy with your empty garage, you can start to buy storage supplies. Utilizing space in your garage can be difficult with storage bins, so turn your attention to shelving units, pegboards, and racks.

Our durable and attractive cabinet sets are perfect for storing large and small items alike. 

3. Use Vertical Space

The most important thing to do in your garage setup is to use the vertical space as much as possible. With shelves and racks, you should be able to keep everything you need access to on your walls, which will help you keep the garage looking clean and organized.

4. Keep the Floor Clear

Storing things vertically will help you keep the floor clear. Not only will leaving floor space make it easier to walk around and actually use your garage, but it’ll ensure that your flooring lasts a long time.

When you install one of our Garage Force coating systems, your garage floor will be durable and resistant to gas and grease stains, as well as UV light. If you can keep your floor clear, you’ll be able to store your car as well as all your belongings during the colder months.

5. Keep Similar Items Together

An organized garage is one that has similar items stored together. For instance, if you’ve got a lot of tools, build yourself a workbench with a pegboard to hold everything.

If you’ve got gardening equipment, put it all in another corner of the garage; likewise with sports equipment and lawn care equipment. This will both make your life easier and make your garage look cleaner and bigger.

6. Overhead Space

A good garage should have ample overhead space as well. Store the things you don’t often use in plastic bins and keep them on ceiling-mounted shelves that don’t take up much space.

The More Room, The Better

Your garage might feel like it’s best used for storage, but the more organized you are, the more room you’ll have to use it to keep your car in or for hobbies.

When you have a spacious and welcoming garage, you’ll want to spend time in it. At Garage Force, we’re your one-stop-shop for garage flooring and storage solutions. Whether you’re looking for a new floor coating or better storage cabinets, our products can breathe new life into your garage.