In Oklahoma, the median age of all homes is 42 years old. Yet, most concrete garage floors only last about 20-25 years. So if you are in the market for a new garage floor or floor coating, you are definitely not alone.

Polyurea floor coating is the best option for your garage. This garage coating material will make your concrete floors last longer. Polyurea can even prevent or delay needing new garage flooring altogether.

At Garage Force OKC, we know a thing or two about polyurea garage flooring. Keep reading this guide to learn about the tried-and-true process we will use to apply polyurea coatings to your garage floor.

Step 1: Garage Floor Prep

The first step in applying a new coating to your garage’s floors is to prep the concrete. We will clean all the dust and dirt from the floors and repair any cracks or indentations from wear and tear.

We also have to remove any pre-existing coating. Methods like profiling, blasting, grinding, and scarifying can help to remove the old coating. That way, the concrete is ready to accept the new one.

Step 2: Polyurea Floor Coating Prep

Next, we prepare the polyurea floor coating for the application. We always prepare coatings according to the manufacturer’s directions for the utmost safety.

Step 3: Apply the Basecoat

Now, it is time to apply the basecoat, also known as the primer. Different coating systems require differing numbers of coats and/or coat thicknesses.

Polyurea floor coating primers may be tinted or clear. For example, the full chip and solid color systems both incorporate tinted base coats. Meanwhile, the Medici system incorporates a clear primer. 

Step 4: Apply the Bed Layer *Optional*

The coating system used determines the need for additional layers (also known as bed layers). For instance, the solid color system does not have a middle layer. Instead, we apply the base coat, then the top coat, and that’s it!

Alternatively, the full chip system features a decorative chip layer. And the Medici system requires an additional tinted layer before applying the topcoat.

Step 5: Apply the Topcoat

Once the middle layer dries, we vacuum your entire garage floor. This helps to prepare the floors for the final polyurea topcoat.

If you are getting a full chip coating, we will also scrape off any excess chips. This part of the process helps to smooth floor surfaces and reduce the amount of top coat needed to finish the flooring.

Applying the clear topcoat is the last step in this process. While it may seem time-consuming, all five steps of installing a polyurea coating take only 24 hours before you can start using your garage again.

Want New Garage Floors in OKC?

Polyurea floor coating is the best way to keep your garage looking newer for longer. No matter which type of coating system you choose, we know the best process to ensure your floors will be beautiful and durable for years to come.

Are you searching for polyurea floor coating services in OKC? We proudly serve the Oklahoma City metro area. Book an appointment with us to get your floors redone today!