You improved your garage and potentially increased your home’s value by installing your new polyurea garage floor covering. It looks great, and you are pleased with the quality of the material and the overall look, but now what?

How do you keep your new flooring in its best shape? Read on to learn five polyurea care tips to maintain your garage flooring and keep your investment in its best condition. 

1. Sweep Regularly

On the most basic level of your garage floor care, you will want regular floor cleaning to be a priority.

Keep your garage floor clear of dust and debris by sweeping consistently. Just a soft bristled push broom to avoid scratching the floor’s surface.

You can also use a dry mop to keep the floor clean. A dry mop makes cleaning easy, as you can throw the mop head in the washing machine after mopping the floor.

2. Address Spills Right Away

Protect your Polyurea garage floors by addressing any spills on your garage floors immediately. 

Depending on what spilled on the floor, you will want to take quick steps to soak up the spill and clean the floor underneath. If spilled, quickly cleaning chemicals is crucial as they can damage the surface of the flooring. 

3. Use the Right Cleaning Products

To maintain the quality of your floor coatings, you will want to keep your floors clean using the right products.

Dilution is critical in ensuring you clean your flooring and do not damage them. Products such as Simple Green, Ammonia, and Windex are effective cleansers but will need dilution to preserve the integrity of your flooring.

Windex or Ammonia helps clean tough spills or stains such as hard water, tire wear, or vehicle oils. Environmentally friendly products are typically the best approach to cleaning stains off your garage floor.

4. Avoid Harmful Cleaning Solutions

While preparing to clean the Polyurea coating on your garage floor, learn which solutions or chemicals to avoid using on your flooring.

Harsh cleaning agents such as acidic or alkaline products are not recommended for cleaning your floors. The chemicals within these products could cause more damage to your flooring than cleaning them.

It is best to check with a professional to ensure you are using the correct products.

5. Surface Wax High-Traffic Areas

A final tip for maintaining your new garage floors is to keep an eye on those high-traffic areas. 

The more frequently you use areas of the garage, the quicker those areas will wear down. Stay on top of using a surface wax to shine those well-used spots.

Care for Your Polyurea Garage Floor Covering the Right Way

You have spent the time and money getting high-quality flooring installed in your garage. Keep your polyurea garage floor covering in its best condition by utilizing proper cleaning techniques and completing regular maintenance on the coating.

Do you have questions about your flooring or how to maintain it? Contact us today. We would be happy to help you protect your investment.