Did you know that polyurea is four times stronger than epoxy as a garage coating? If you’ve been thinking about getting a new floor coating, you’ll want to forego the epoxy and turn right to polyurea.

Don’t believe us? In this article, we’ll walk you through the benefits of polyurea and how it is better than epoxy! Read on to learn more!

1. Faster Installation and Curing Times

When you have an installation going on at your house, the last thing you need is to have that drag on longer than it has to. Luckily, with polyurea, it only takes a day for the coating to be installed and cured. You’ll be able to walk on it in less than 24 hours.

The same could not be said about epoxy. This takes several days and sometimes more to properly cure, meaning you can’t walk or drive into your garage.

2. Good Outdoors

While your garage may not be outdoors (although some are), it is good to know that polyurea can be used outdoors. Because of the materials polyurea is made from, it does a much better job holding up in various conditions.

For instance, polyurea is UV-resistant which means the harsh UV rays won’t damage the materials. However, it can damage epoxy, causing it to yellow and fade over time.

3. Resistant to Stains and Chemicals

How many times have you walked through your garage wondering where a stain came from and wishing you could fix it? Well, with a polyurea coating, you could! The polyurea coating is resistant to stains and harsh chemicals.

It is resistant to hot tire marks as well as oil stains. This will keep your garage looking cleaner and tidier than a typical garage might look with stains and marks on the ground! This will also make it easier for you to choose what decorative floor coating you want since you know it will stay looking pristine!

4. Flexible Material

Polyurea is a much more flexible material than epoxy. This makes it resistant to cracks, which in turn means you will have fewer repairs to do over time.

It will last longer because of the strength and durability of the coating.

5. Odorless

Although this may not make or break whether you choose epoxy or polyurea, it is always nice to have an installation that doesn’t produce an odor. You won’t feel like you’re getting a headache or breathing in too many chemicals whenever you open the garage door.

Polyurea Is Better Than Epoxy

Now that you know polyurea is better than epoxy, if you’re ready to get started with a new floor coating, don’t wait!

You can contact us today at Garage Force of OKC so we can discuss your options for different flooring materials! We can’t wait to give you a floor coating you’ve always dreamed of – especially one that will last such a long time!