You’re looking to give your business an upgrade from the floor up in 2023, and you have your eyes set on quartz flooring.

Smart thinking. Quartz has become a choice material for commercial building projects as well as kitchen countertops in recent years. And now, it’s picking up steam as a business and residential flooring option thanks to being slip resistant.

The question is, what makes the Quartz Concrete Coating System from Garage Force in particular the perfect slip resistant flooring solution? Here’s a rundown on the five core benefits of this system.

Let’s jump in!

1. UV Protection

One of the top benefits of the Quartz Concrete Coating System is that it resists ultraviolet light damage.

This is not the case with an epoxy coating, which tends to fade and yellow after consistently being exposed to sunlight.

2. Quick Installation and Curing

Yet another reason to choose the quartz system is that it has a fast installation time.

A quality system’s coating will cure within 24 hours. Meanwhile, with an epoxy coating, you’ll likely have to wait 3-4 days for the coating to harden.

The quartz system’s fast curing ability is beneficial for a couple of reasons. First, it minimizes downtime for your business or allows you to enjoy your residential floor sooner. Second, the fast cure time means that bubbles are less likely to form during the hardening process — a common issue with epoxy coatings.

Also, note that a reputable company will apply two coating layers. The second layer will keep moisture from entering and damaging your concrete floor. 

3. Attractive Appearance

The Quartz Concrete Coating System stands out not only for being eye catching but also for its stain-resistant quality. The concrete floor also resists chemical corrosion, scrapes, and extreme temperatures.

This means you can expect your concrete floor to look as great 10 years from now as it does today.

4. Convenient Installation

The Quartz Concrete Coating System can be installed year-round — another benefit of this flooring option. You can install this flooring on a hot summer day or even in below-zero temperatures.

On the contrary, epoxy floorings aren’t quite as convenient to install. With this type of flooring, you have a small temperature window for installing it. For this reason, it can be installed only in the fall and spring in many areas.

5. Slip Resistant Flooring

Finally, the quartz system offers a durable, rough texture along with abrasion resistance. As a result, it conforms to the current OSHA slip requirements.

The anti-slip texturing makes this flooring perfect for auto shops, restaurants, and gyms.

How We Can Help

A quartz concrete system for floors offers a slew of benefits, including the fact that it is slip resistant flooring. It is also convenient to install and offers an alluring appearance in the home and business settings.

At Garage Force, we take pride in offering our one-of-a-kind Quartz Concrete Coating System for floors. Our patented coating is around 20 times the strength of an epoxy coating.

Get in touch with us to learn more about our quartz system and get a free quote for your project today!