Most homeowners find about a seventy percent return on investment when they sell their house after replacing the flooring. If you’re thinking about replacing your current garage floor with something new, polyurea flooring may be worth considering. Not only is it a durable option, but it also looks fresh and shiny for years longer than other floor coatings.

There are some misconceptions about polyurea coating that can lead you to think it’s not the right choice for your garage floor. Let’s debunk these myths so you can make an informed decision about what type of coating is best for you and your family.

Myth #1: Polyurea Flooring Cracks Easily

Polyurea is a flexible coating. It’s not susceptible to cracking. In fact, it’s more flexible than epoxy coatings, making it one of the best options for garages that have heavy machinery inside them.

Myth #2: Polyurea Is Only for Industrial Use

This is a common misconception because polyurea has been used in the machine industry for so long. Even so, polyurea is an excellent choice for residential garages, commercial garages, and industrial applications alike. Its durability and stain resistance make it an ideal alternative for any garage where there’s a lot of foot traffic.

Myth #3: Polyurea Is Hard to Repair

Polyurea coatings are durable and last for years, making them less of a hassle than other types of flooring. If you get a scratch in your polyurea coating, you can easily repair it by applying more polyurea over the area.

So don’t worry about scratches and dents on your flooring. A professional can eliminate them in less than a day.

Myth #4: It Takes Too Long to Install

A polyurea garage floor can be completely installed within one day. If you have a humongous space, then the installation time could take longer.

It takes a few hours before you’re free to walk on the floor. A full cure will take about 24 hours.

If you’re using a full chip system, the cure time can be as low as one hour. With this system, you can bring vehicles onto the floor after just one day, and there’s no need to worry about the finish getting scratched.

Myth #5: There Is No Need for a Primer

It’s true that some manufacturers don’t require a primer to go with their coating systems, but this is not the standard for polyurea flooring. If you don’t use a primer, you’re putting your floor at risk of cracking.

A good primer will help your coating bond to the floor and give it an extended life. Primer also helps improve adhesion so that there are fewer chances for peeling and chipping.

Get Polyurea Flooring in Oklahoma

If you’re thinking about installing polyurea flooring, don’t be fooled by these myths. Polyurea garage floors are durable and easy to repair. They also have the shortest installation time of any flooring product on the market.

For Oklahoma residents who are ready to improve their curb appeal with new garage flooring, contact Garage Force today! We have a wide range of polyurea flooring colors in stock and ready for installation.