Are you aware that American households are spending over $5,500 each month? If you’re looking to lower your monthly costs, consider investing in garage floor coatings that will stand the test of time. You won’t need to worry about repairing your garage floor and you’ll add to your home’s value.

And one of the best decisions you can make is to reach for a polyurea coating. Read on to learn how long polyurea concrete coatings last!

Understand the Advantages of Polyurea Floor Coatings

While epoxy has long been the go-to garage floor coating, you’ll get a much more durable solution with polyurea. A polyurea coating is around 20 times stronger and it should last for decades.

With a full chip system, you’ll get the strength of polyurea plus an attractive, high-gloss finish. You won’t need to worry about anyone tripping on the anti-slip finish, either. And you won’t need to worry about oil or grease from your car marring the surface. 

Polyurea also offers the advantage of fade resistance. In other words, UV light from the outdoors won’t cause your floors to lose their luster. And since it’s also resistant to temperature swings, you can apply a polyurea coating at any point in the year. 

Installation Impacts Longevity

To get a long-lasting floor coating, proper installation is essential. This means you’ll need to make repairs to your garage floor’s surface first. Mend cracks and remove moisture to prepare your space before installing the polyurea coating. 

After two coatings, you’ll end up with a secure and handsome garage floor. Keep in mind that a polyurea floor will cure quickly, too, so you won’t need to wait as long before taking advantage of it. After one day, your floor will be hardened and ready!

Once installed, you’ll have a waterproof surface that can make your space more durable. Especially if you drive into a garage after rain or snow, you want to know that the concrete floor will be protected. A polyurea floor will shield your garage from damage due to moisture as well as temperature swings. 

How Long Does Polyurea Last?

When it comes to longevity, polyurea can’t be beaten. With this type of coating, you’ll have a floor that looks new and attractive for 30 years or more. Turn to polyurea if you’re seeking a durable solution for a garage workspace or hoping to attract buyers when you list your home.

Even if your polyurea floor comes into contact with abrasive materials or stain-causing chemicals, it will still look good. The material’s flexibility and strength make it a reliable flooring coating. Just be sure to mop it regularly to get rid of dust and debris. 

Look into Polyurea Concrete Coatings

Polyurea concrete coatings offer a durable upgrade over traditional epoxy garage floor coatings. You won’t need to worry about your polyurea floor yellowing over time or cracking. Best of all, you’ll get a coating that can last for decades.

When you’re ready to upgrade your garage floors, contact us so we can help!