Did you know that 37% of people can’t park their car in their garage? The reason? Too much clutter. 

If you’re part of this 37% it’s definitely time to do a garage deep clean. Even if you can park in your garage, chances are you’re still due for a garage clean-out. 

Let’s be honest. Most of us have too much stuff. And when we’re faced with stuff we don’t know what to do with, we tend to stuff the stuff into the garage and close the door on it. 

The result is usually teetering stacks of boxes and piles of erroneous items we haven’t dealt with. 

If your garage has become a minefield of clutter, it’s time to take action so you can fully utilize your garage space. 

Keep reading for a complete guide to garage deep cleaning and some tips for a better-organized garage. 

Take Out Everything 

The first thing to do is to take out everything. The only way to truly sort through your stuff and do a complete deep clean is by taking everything out of the garage. 

Pick a sunny day, haul it out onto the lawn, and face the chaos. 

Purge Your Stored Items

Once you’ve got everything out of your garage, sort through it and make a heap of everything you don’t need and can get rid of. Once that’s done, divide the heap into things to give away, things to donate, and things to sell. 

Clutter and excess belongings can be a huge source of stress, so challenge yourself to be thorough. 

Organize What’s Left

Once you have set aside the items you want to get rid of, start organizing the things you do want to keep.

You might want to stock up on some storage bins for this. But, you might also find once you clear out the things you don’t want to keep and pack the rest neatly, you’ll have more bins than you thought. 

Deep Clean the Space 

With all of your stored possessions organized and streamlined, it’s time to get cracking on deep cleaning those corners. 

Start by dusting and brushing down the ceiling, walls, cupboards, and windows. You can then go over key areas with a vacuum cleaner, and finish things off with a thorough scrub and mop, paying extra attention to getting your garage floors clean

If you’re planning on painting, you can probably get away with wiping down the walls rather than scrubbing them. 

Decide What Home Improvements You Can Make to Your Garage

Finally, look around your clean garage and see what upgrades you can make to the space. It’s difficult to have an organized garage if you don’t have the right storage solutions and garage layout in place. 

Besides adding extra garage organization features, such as shelves, pin-board storage, or areas to hang tools—this is also a good time to address other home improvement tasks in your garage. These could include painting the walls, filling cracks, and seeing to hazards, like that old shelf that’s nearly falling down.

Finally, take a look at your garage floor. Is it looking old and shabby no matter how much time you spent scrubbing? If so, this might be a good point to look into applying a garage floor coating. 

Spark Garage Envy

Are you ready to spark garage envy in your neighbors and go to bed at night happy that all your stored belongings are in order? Or that you can finally park your car inside with ease?

If so, all you need to do is schedule a weekend to get cracking on the garage and whip it into shape. 

Are you thinking about installing a new floor coating when you deep clean and organize your garage? If so, we are the people to call. 

We specialize in polyurea coatings, which are the most durable and long-lasting on the market.

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